About Fiesta Toy

In 1972, Harold Kleinman started Fiesta Toy in sunny California on the Santa Monica Pier. Initially, Fiesta imported plush for skill games on the pier. Kleinman purchased closeouts to give as prizes and sold his excess to amusement parks all over the USA. Entrance to the retail market began when a manufacturing representative asked Kleinman for permission to sell Fiesta’s products to gift shops, and steady growth soon followed. 

Known for their wide variety and breathtaking design, Fiesta manufactures stuffed animals of just about everything. Whether you’re looking for a teddy bear to give as a gift, or a rare exotic animal plush toy for your collection, Fiesta has something for you! They look further than the sky for the limit, offering stuffed animals in the likeness of real-life counterparts found on land and at sea as well.

Fiesta is known for innovative plush designs that combine form and function. Every year, Fiesta comes out with new products that are the latest and greatest in toy. Swaddle Babies features plush that can be held in a plush swaddle, allowing kids to take their Fiesta plush with them wherever they go! Considering their environmental footprint, Fiesta is releasing an all-new recycled plush line called “Earth Pals” with plush made from recycled water bottles! 

In addition to the manufacturing of their popular products, Fiesta does custom and private label work for many clients. Fiesta not only offers quality but also  competitive pricing, earning the reputation of being a trusted source and resource partner in the manufacture of branded, private label, custom, and licensed plush. 

Not only does Fiesta have sales representatives all over the USA, Fiesta also has an in-house product development and sales team. They have work experience from Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, Ace Novelty, Play By Play, and Nanco, to name a few. Their average employee has been with Fiesta for more than ten years. "They know their jobs and how to do them, and more importantly, they know our customer needs."

On the daily, Fiesta is striving to meet the needs of our customers and the final consumers, working non-stop to come up with the plush that everyone wants to take home while still sticking to our Promise… Quality, Value & Service Since 1972.